Anti-Spam Legislation Comes into Effect in Canada, Businesses Struggle to Comply

Effective now, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission can issue fines up to $10 million for email, text, and social media spam in Canada. That’s a hefty cost—but many Canadian businesses are already facing steep costs just trying to comply with the new anti-spam legislation.

A survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that only 15% of small businesses in Canada are fully aware of the new rules; two-thirds haven’t taken any steps to comply. And those who do pay the price, according to the Financial Post:

The more proactive members, though, have reported the costs to fully comply range from $30,000 to $50,000, which includes legal fees, setting up consent databases and adding unsubscribe features on email accounts.

However, Michael Geist, a University of Ottawa law professor, argues to FP that “businesses have had compliance costs associated with this for years; this is not so completely new.”

Regardless, Canadians should all be able to look forward to less spam.

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