Vancouver Hobby Photographer Earns International Acclaim Through Instagram

Doug Dorsett has gained international acclaim for his work photographing back alleys and concrete plazas in downtown Vancouver.

A resident of New Westminster, a city just outside of Vancouver, Dorsett was a hobby photographer capturing grey, rainy, deserted scenes in local urban areas with his Canon G10 and Nikon 70D. His work was shared only with friends and family.

He didn’t post any of his work on the internet until encouraged to do so by his 16-year-old daughter, Carter. He joined Instagram at her behest, and several months later things unexpectedly snowballed: The Guardian named him one of the world’s top urban Instagram photographers to follow. From there, his modest hundred followers ballooned to more than 5,000 in just a couple of months.

“I thought it was a teenager thing they used for selfies,” Dorsett said of Instagram to a local paper. He told the New Westminster Newsleader that posting his photos on the social network has made him feel part of bigger world in which he can connect with other photographers around the globe.

“I thought it would always just be a hobby,” he added humbly.


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