Play Games for Charity: Gamers’ Guild Formed to Support Children’s Hospital

Gamers form a huge community, often collaborating with individuals around the world. In recognition of the strength and cohesiveness of the gaming community, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Canada are appealing to BC’s gamers to attend BC’s first “Extra Life” Guild event on July 15.

The mission of the newly formed guild is to inspire others to participate in the 7th annual Extra Life National Game Day on October 25 and raise funds to help BC’s kids. Extra Life is an international 24-hour gaming marathon organized by Children’s Miracle Network that allows gamers to play any game of their choice, including board games, to raise funds for their local children’s hospital.

45 enthusiastic Extra Life gamers who have supported BC Children’s Hospital for the past two years have been invited to attend the guild meeting at Electronic Arts Canada in Burnaby on Tuesday, July 15, at 5pm.

Launched in 2008, Extra Life began in memory of Tori Enmon, a young Texan who lost her battle with lymphoblastic leukemia.

Last year, 457 gamers from across the province raised $70,000 – double the 2012 total – to fund urgently needed medical equipment and research into devastating childhood diseases – benefiting children and families in BC and around the world.

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