Voices.com Launches New Partnership Programs

A marketplace for voice over launched its brand new Partnership Programs.

Voices.com, the industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent, has designed and revealed an initiative that will facilitate relationships between the company and third-party affiliates. The purpose of partnerships will be collaboration on joint ventures, with a special focus on growth, reach, products, and training.

Such undertakings will fall into one of four categories, identified as Partnership Programs. Voices.com partners will be able to choose an avenue that best fits their industry and collective needs, whether it be new audiences and fresh content, found through the Content Program, the generation of revenue with the Channel Program, collaboration on new technological offerings and apps through the Developer Program, or education, certification, and resources via the Training Program.

The Partnership Programs are being facilitated by Voices.com’s Partner Account Manager, Randy Nordgren.

“We’ve been a market leader in the voice over industry for years,” explains Nordgren. “These Partnership Programs give Voices.com a chance to expand how we already work with companies that want to grow through content, channel development and product evolution.”

In addition to a global pool of voice actors, Voices.com Partners also benefit from industry expertise and connections. All Partners receive support and resources, and have access to an exclusive badge that can be used on a company’s website and marketing materials to establish themselves to stakeholders as a Voices.com Partner. Such a display is a testimony to the positive impact a company has through a collaborative relationship with a widely-recognized brand like Voices.com.

Interested in working with Voices.com in a big way? Apply to be a Voices.com Partner through the new Partnership Program.

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