Canada’s Hottest Startups Share Early-Stage Advice on Twitter

The latest Techvibes 20 Group Interview powered by GoToMeeting Canada was the most exciting, informative discussion yet.

We heard from companies StrypeBox, Structur3D Printing, Slyce, Parsel, Kiind, Jobber, Hubdoc and Game Hive — all of whom shared early-stage advice, company mantras, marketing tips and challenges every entrepreneur might face. Techvibes 20 startups from previous editions, including Trulioo, PasswordBox and Sulon Technologies, chimed in to share their latest milestones and funding tips as well.

Key insights included the importance of relationship building and networking for startup growth. Focus and prioritization were said to be continual challenges for some of the startups, but they all agreed: a strong team who understood the company’s vision and culture would help overcome that. Read more of what they had to say below.

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