Survey says Canadian Small Businesses Not CASL-Ready

New survey data from Constant Contact reveals that the majority of Canadian small businesses do not fully understand Canada’s long-anticipated Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) which came into effect on Canada Day.

According to Constant Contact less than half of Canadian small businesses (42 percent) feel they understand how to be CASL compliant.

And just 33 percent of Canadian small businesses are aware of the penalties associated with CASL non-compliance.

Despite the long ramp-up to CASL’s enforcement, Canadian small businesses appear to be just starting to adapt their marketing to adhere to CASL regulations.

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Only 29 percent of Canadian small businesses surveyed began preparations for CASL before July 1.

Another 21 percent of respondents reported that they would begin preparing soon, while the remaining half was evenly split by small businesses that were either uncertain about when they would begin preparing (25 percent) or were not planning to make any changes or preparations at all (25 percent).

Time and resources are always an issue for small businesses and, not surprisingly, are playing a role in small businesses’ lack of preparation. One-third of respondents expressed concern about finding the time and resources to ensure CASL compliance.

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“Getting educated is the first step to being CASL compliant, and ultimately, achieving marketing success. Constant Contact has free CASL resources available to help small businesses and organizations, both in terms of education and marketing tools, to enable them to become compliant marketers.”

For more information on CASL, visit Constant Contact’s CASL Resource Center online.

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