Navut Helps People Find the Neighbourhood That’s Right for Their Lifestyle

Choosing a new home can be one of the most daunting decisions one can make. It brings a sense of new beginnings, and of changes fundamental to one’s way of living. A new house means uprooting and change: it means creating something anew—and leaving something behind.

A decision like this should ideally be based on data and well prepared. Fortunately, Montreal-based startup Navut is all about doing just that. It aims to be your one-stop shop to find the perfect house to live in—and, perhaps more important, the right neighbourhood just for you.

The founders know how important this is, given that they were some of the 4.8 million people who move to and within Canada every year. They know what they would have wanted searching for their perfect home, and they’ve worked towards it.

With growth at a torrid 80% month-on-month pace, and thousands of users, it’s clear that Navut has latched onto a pressing problem with a convenient solution. The clean user interface leads to a wealth of knowledge about different neighbourhoods. With partnerships established with local realtors (up to 250 in Montreal alone), Navut has a wealth of what was previously uncaptured knowledge.

By making it easier to access this data, Navut saves any house-searcher hours of effort. Personalized results call to mind what really matter for each person in each neighbourhood, from the schools in the area, to the restaurants nearby. Algorithm-matching ensures that as best as possible, you’re not only happy with your new house—you’re also happy with the area it’s in.

Navut is in the business of providing data as a service, taking what was once hoarded knowledge located in neighbour specialists and dwellers, and opening it up in a way that is relevant and timely for house-seekers comparing different neighbourhoods.

With the knowledge accumulated in Montreal, they’ve already made it easier to search area-by-area for your living criterion, creating a neighbourhood-finder attuned to your tastes. They’ve also created neighbourhood profiles complete with ratings of each one, and information about the population and employment levels within.

Finally, they’ve allowed property managers and real estate agents to sign up as neighbourhood experts, allowing easy access to them and the knowledge they hold.

All of this has gotten Navut notice, and awards. They’ve been selected to pitch in San Francisco, one of the top 22 teams across North America that were part of the NEXT Google pre-accelerator program. They’ve won the Videotron prize at the International Startup Festival, which comprises $30,000 worth of media coverage and other goodies. They’ve received an invitation to pitch Dragon’s Den, and they’ve won C2-MTL’s Emerging Entrepreneur Award. 

The young startup, founded in 2012, has already made a significant impact for thousands of people. As we move to an age where data-driven decisions will become the norm, Navut will completely change how you look for your new home, and make it so that you will be able to make smarter, and better-informed decisions on where you want to live. As software eats the world, Navut is taking a bite out of what is one of the most difficult and critical decisions one can face: where to build a life.

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