BlackBerry Working on Partnerships to Compete with Apple-IBM

When two tech titans struck a landmark agreement this week,  BlackBerry CEO John Chen was both happy and sad.

Chen says the partnership is both good and bad for his company, which is caught in a seemingly perpetual state of survival. The bad is obvious: Apple and IBM working together means iPhones and iPads will become much more attuned to corporate customers, which is BlackBerry’s bread and butter. But there is a silver lining, insists Chen. The partnership validates the market BlackBerry is targeting in a way nothing ever has—and that means BlackBerry is, at the very least, hunting the right animal.

The CEO told the Financial Times that BlackBerry is in early discussions with companies about forging strategic partnerships in the enterprise market. He’s shy on details, the FT report suggests, but affirms his company offers a unique value-add “that no one else can do.”

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