Most Canadians Consider Themselves Innovators and Believe They Have Great Ideas

Three in five Canadians consider themselves innovators, and 66 per cent believe their innovation idea could be “the next big thing,” if only they had enough money and know-how to develop it, according to findings from Phillips’ 2014 North America Innovation Report.

Fifty-two per cent of Canadian survey respondents said financial support from big companies is the key to achieving successful innovation, followed by 44 per cent who cited mentor relationships (47 per cent in the US), says Phillips, which is based in Markham. But Canadians are much more likely than Americans to look to government for the answer: 54 per cent vs. 42 per cent.

North Americans believe successful innovation must have a purpose, beyond creating technology for technology’s sake, according to the survey’s respondents. A majority said successful innovation improves lives (64 per cent in Canada), or makes daily life easier (54 per cent in Canada). One-third said successful innovation meets an unmet societal need (29 per cent in Canada).


Photo: Brian Stablyk for the Guardian


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