Hubba Launches Platform to Connect Brands and Retailers for Product Information Sharing

Hubba has launched a new platform to connect brands and retailers for the purpose of sharing rich product information.

The platform, which Hubba claims is the first of its kind, is a cloud-based “Product Information Network” that enables brand marketers and product managers to create detailed product profiles and then share those profiles with business contacts.

Hubba, a provider of enterprise-grade B2B software, says $1 trillion of commerce is reliant on digital product information, yet according to CFI Group, only 25 percent of digital product information is correct.

Content on the platform can include images, video, documents, core specifications, marketing/promotions material, pricing and ratings. More than just a place to store files, Hubba provides a central hub for all product content, enabling “publish once, share many.”

“Brands are faced with an increasing amount of information to manage, an increasing amount of channels in which to distribute the information and an increasing demand from consumers to access this information,” said Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba. “It is no wonder they have a hard time empowering business partners with comprehensive and current product information.”

“This is critical to their business strategy since product content is the foundation that powers omni-channel commerce initiatives,” he noted.

“Being enterprise software veterans ourselves, we felt the industry needed a shakeup. So we created a new way to solve a mission-critical issue,” Zifkin added.

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