Montreal’s Quebecor Weighs Plan to Expand Wireless Network Across Canada

Quebecor has been meeting with potential partners for the purpose of plotting a national wireless network expansion, the company has revealed.

On a conference call with analysts following the release of quarterly earnings this week, chief executive officer Pierre Dion says the Montreal-based company is meeting with “several” parties as it looks at possible consolidation to become the fourth national carrier in Canada behind Rogers, Telus, and Bell.

“Everything is on the table,” Dion said on the call. “We continue to meet with several potential partners to assess their interest in partnering with us should we decide to consolidate the industry following positive regulatory developments.”

Dion, who has only been CEO since April, would really shake up the nation’s wireless market with this move. Canada has never had more than three national carriers, despite attempts from the government over the past six years to foster a fourth competitor. The “Big Three” have successfully so far successfully stifled attempts from the likes of Wind Mobile and Public Mobile, still owning more than 90% of the country’s customers.

Quebecor has lobbied the Canadian government to change prices for domestic wholesale roaming rates—the fees an operator pays when customers use another carrier’s network—which would allow for a fourth carrier to have proper national coverage.


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