IdeaPlaces Adds Context to Content to Forge the Future of Note-Taking

The Internet has always been a valuable tool for context.

Ideas don’t exist in isolation; they are linked to a larger network of reasons. Twitter was originally designed by its founders to be a universal message bus, a place where the world’s thoughts would be collected.

It is the advent of hashtags, and the organization of that mass messaging that has allowed Twitter to become an indispensable news source, and a curated conversation on any topic of your choice.

It is the layers of context that Twitter provides to your thoughts—from location to timing to topic—that connects both the originator and consumer of Twitter content, turning a 140-character status into something more.

It is into this space that Montreal-based IdeaPlaces has found its place.

IdeaPlaces takes Evernote-created notes and automatically adds a layer of rich location-based context. The iOS application notes the location each note was created in, and when it was created, and creates an intuitive interface that makes it easy to search for each note on a map-like context. Each note is also augmented with information from Foursquare so that each location can be named, and placed in its proper context.

The application has enjoyed very good traction, garnering 30,000 downloads in a few months, and being highlighted as Evernote’s feature application.

IdeaPlaces allows for an added layer of rich functionality to the Evernote core with added functionalities such as location-based reminders a very distinct possibility. Imagine setting a note for yourself at a certain landmark of the city, a collection of your thoughts. Weeks later you come back to the same spot: the thoughts you had long ago are activated by the landmark and the IdeaPlaces application.

Maybe you want to leave a reminder every time you pass by your grocery store to pick up certain items, or maybe you want to leave a note that triggers every time you cross into your office.

IdeaPlaces can do all of this. This is an application that is built for the future of note-taking. It is built for a world where seemless context, and automated reams of rich data will be the default.

As we evolve from one or two dominant devices connecting to the Internet to an ecosystem of smart devices all connected with one another—the fabled Internet of Things taking on its form—applications like IdeaPlaces will take on more and more importance. Adapting it for the smart device of the future will allow for users to add as much information as possible without labouring over manual input, allowing for richer information that can benefit several layers of smart devices, and cloud applications.

The team knows the importance of being forward-thinking. Cofounder Ciprian Rarau was the fiest employee and VP of Engineering at OMSignal, a builder of smart shirts that can read biometric data and integrate it into a user’s daily life. The other cofounder, Adrien Niblock, has cofounded several startups, including e-commerce catalog creator and FounderFuel graduate Now in Store. Both of them are proof of the idea that a few determined people with a good idea can impact the world.

As IdeaPlaces grows, connecting information with the context around it, the Montreal-based team will expand their impact with their forward thinking. As the Internet of Things brings a thirst for more and more data points, IdeaPlaces will make it frictionless for users to add more information to a richer, evolving ecosystem.




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