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The Techvibes 20, August 2014 Edition – Powered by GoToMeeting




The Techvibes 20 is a bi-monthly list of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada. The list is carefully curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.

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Algolux, Montreal – Algolux recently raised a $2.6 million Series A round led by Real Ventures. The Montreal-based startup specializes in computational optics and building deblurring software. Algolux is focusing its efforts on smartphones and tablets.


bazinga!, Vancouver – bazinga! is a private social network for residential communities and they just landed a partnership with Canada’s largest high-rise condominium developer. They have raised a total of $11 million to date.


BitAccess, Ottawa – Founded in November 2013, BitAccess produces Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs), allowing anyone with a mobile phone to buy or sell bitcoin in under a minute.


Blynk, Toronto – Next36 alumni Blynk won the $100,000 Investment Prize at Startup Fest earlier this summer. Tagged as Tinder for Fashion, this Toronto-based startup has created an app that provides personalized fashion recommendations via a Tinder-like interface.


BusBud, Montreal – BusBud announced last month the close of a $9 million Series A funding round co-led by OMERS Ventures. Self-described as the Kayak for bus travel, Busbud is the only platform that helps travelers search, compare and book bus trips online for 10,500 cities in 89 countries.


Dash Hudson, Halifax – This Atlantic-Canada born mobile app uses personal stylists to assess customer preferences and build modern, flexible wardrobes with selections from several different retailers. Dash Hudson recently announced it raised a $400,000 seed round which included former Groupon CTO Paul Gauthier.


Dejero, Waterloo – Dejero solutions enable traditional, online and cross-platform broadcasters to transmit, manage and distribute live video captured from a variety of mobile devices. Toronto’s BEST Funds is big on mobile newsgathering and recently invested $4.5 million into Dejero.


ezrobot, Calgary – Founded by DJ Sures, ezrobot is a software platform that allows anyone to build a robot. Their robot controller connects to your computer over Bluetooth and with their software you can control your own robot. Add cameras, joysticks, distance sensors, LEDs, digital displays, and more.


FinanceIt, Toronto– Financeit raised a $13 million Series A round in November 2013. The Toronto-based company has built a platform that enables small businesses to offer consumer financing and is aggressively expanding thanks to $40 million in new loan facilities from Pacific & Western Bank of Canada.


GuestDriven, Montreal – GuestDriven helps hospitality brands build guest engagement, loyalty and drive advocacy through a Guest Relationship Management platform. Earlier this year PlazaCorp, Real Ventures and Structure Capital checked-in with a $3 million Series A round.


Gymtrack, Ottawa – This 500 Startups company has built a system for gyms that allows their members to automatically track their workouts. Gymtrack’s system installs aftermarket onto any existing piece of gym equipment and allows gym members track their workout on their existing smart watches.


Hyper Hippo, Kelowna – Hyper Hippo is a game development studio founded by Lance Priebe. Before establishing Hyper Hippo, Lance co-founded Club Penguin with Lane Merrifield and Dave Krysko. Club Penguin became the world’s most popular children’s MMO and was acquired by Disney in 2007 for $350 million., Nanaimo – Last year won the Evernote Devcup 2013 Gold Award. With initial investment from Full Stack Ventures, a roadmap driven by the community, and visibility from Evernote, the blossoming startup is looking for a big year ahead.


Provender, Montreal – Founded in 2013, Provender has raised an $800,000 seed round from Real Ventures, the BDC, Freshii, Kinetic Café and private angels. Equipped with a fresh injection of capital, the Montreal-born startup says it is expanding to the Toronto market.


TinyMob Games, Victoria – Last fall this mobile gaming startup raised $2 million in seed funding from local angel investors including the Pereira brothers. Earlier this year they were named VIATEC’s startup of the year. Look out for the company’s first game called Tiny Realms, an iOS mobile strategy game.


Uplette, Toronto – An Extreme Startups company, Uplette automates, consolidates, and optimizes the mobile advertising experience through the delivery of smart post‐ad content.  Uplette was recently selected for Dave McClure’s 500 Startups Accelerator program.


Vanhawks, Toronto – Vanhawks’ bike has been a crowdfunding phenom. Last month they won Best Pitch at Startup Fest and this month they hired a Cervelo Cycles veteran as Chief of Design.  The Valour connects to iOS, Android and Pebble through Bluetooth and tracks rider stats in real-time.


Vantage Analytics, Toronto – One of two Canadian companies selected to participate in The World Cup Tech Challenge, Vantage Analytics just announced a $1.1 million over-subscribed round—$500,000 from Real Ventures and $600,000 raised from ecommerce, mobile commerce, and loyalty experts.


Visual Spection, Winnipeg – The first Winnipeg startup to be named to the Techvibes 20. VisualSpection is site assessment software that enables front line energy sectors workers in remote areas with critical information using wearable technology such as Google Glass.


PayrollHero, Whistler – With offices in the Philippines and Whistler this two-year-old startup is built for the needs of the Southeast Asian market. It’s a time, attendance, scheduling, analytics and payroll platform whose latest client is Subway.