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Salesforce Unveils Next Wave of Analytics Cloud

Salesforce this week unveiled the next generation of its Analytics Cloud, delivering actionable intelligence across its Customer Success Platform.

The next wave of Analytics Cloud innovations seamlessly connect insights and business actions to deliver a whole new level of customer success, Salesforce says: while legacy analytics solutions are disconnected from the business processes and workflows that drive businesses forward, Wave Actions will empower Salesforce users to act upon deep insights instantly, directly within any Wave Analytics dashboard.

According to Salesforce, companies are able to create a menu of custom Wave Actions—such as create a case, update an account or assign a task—and because Wave is natively integrated with Salesforce, Wave Actions will be automatically pushed from Wave into the corresponding Salesforce record.

The Wave Analytics Platform was designed from the ground up to be open, Salesforce says, “making it easy to​ build ​and deploy analytics apps faster than ever.”