Weekly Roundup: Prepare for a Wild 2017

Last year was great for technology. So much innovation! Such disruption! Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. It looks like 2017 will be even more cutting-edge.

1. Information technologies are accelerating at an exponential rate, ushering in the fourth industrial revolution. This is a digital revolution and the pace of change is unprecedented. Mark Barrenechea, CEO of OpenText, dives deep in his vision of the future, fueled by the internet of things, machine learning, and you.

2. Corning, whose Gorilla Glass became famous for making smartphone screens durable, has began making glass for cars. At CES 2017 in Las Vegas the company unveiled a “glass-enabled concept car,” which employs a windshield that extends into the sunroof, as well as lights and interior dashboard coated in Gorilla Glass.


3. Techfest, a unique recruiting event that connects hiring companies with tech talent in major cities, is returning to Toronto on January 19 and will kick 2017 off with a bang. Throughout the evening, hiring company executives pitch a crowd of potential employees on why they’re the best employer in the room.

4. In 2016 we witnessed cutting-edge innovation in emerging areas like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and potent advances in traditional industries, all amid political turbulence. The skills to thrive in this rapidly changing environment are, no surprise, tech-focused. Master these six skills and a robot will never be able to replace you.

5. Apple’s App Store had a strong year in 2016. The company paid a staggering $20 billion to developers throughout the year, up an impressive 40% over 2015. Apple also noted that New Year’s Day, with $240 million in app purchases, was its best single day ever for the App Store.


6. Killer Spaces was our favorite new series last year thanks to the amazing offices we showcased in 2016. The series is back in a big way in 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited to show off the up-and-coming spaces. In fact, we aren’t going to wait at all. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the amazing offices we have coming in Killer Spaces in 2017.

7. From Apple and Google launching new phones to Tesla rethinking energy, 2016 was a year of constant innovation. Here, we reflect on some of the year’s highlight-reel moments.

8. Taxis are not an efficient means of transportation. Indeed, new research shows that just a few autonomous ride-sharing vehicles can replace many taxis. Of course, that sort of sea change is much easier said than done.

9. Financial technology has an astounding year in 2016. And to hear it from the experts, 2017 will deliver just as much excitement in this rapidly emerging space.

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