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Ionic Watch

The Ftibit Ionic offers personalized guidance and insights; your favorite songs and apps plus all the features you love from Fitbit. Highlights include personal coaching, built-in GPS, music storage, a heart rate monitor, and water-resistant swim tracking. Whether you’re on the elliptical, out for a jog, or playing sports like basketball or tennis, SmartTrack™ automatically recognizes your exercise and records it for you in the Fitbit app. This is the watch you’ve been waiting for.

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Flyer Wireless Headphones

With a durable design, integrated buttons and a hydrophobic nano coating that is resistant to rain, splashes and sweat, Fitbit Flyer was made to withstand the toughest workouts. The three-button control box lets you easily adjust the sound of your music, pause, change songs and take phone calls.

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Aria 2 Wifi Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria 2 is a smart scale that brings together weight, body fat, BMI and more, so you can get a holistic view of your health and trends over time. Simply step onto the scale and Aria 2 displays your weight stats on screen and automatically syncs them to the Fitbit app so you can track your progress. Compare your weight statistics with your body composition trends to see whether you’re gaining muscle and burning fat—the key to sustainable change.

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Quantum Coffee

$1000 Gift Card

Quantum is a destination for quality coffee born out of a passion for connecting people and ideas. We offer a thoughtful and curated selection of single-origin beans from some of the best coffee producers across the globe. Founded in Toronto, the company also operates in Vancouver, plus an online shop featuring their coffee beans and additional premium cafe accoutrements.

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Health + Ancestry Service

The 23andMe at-home DNA kit can uncover ancestry markers in your DNA, revealing the origins of your family line from 31 populations worldwide. The Health + Ancestry Service goes a step further, uncovering how genetics influences your risk for certain diseases and even how it affects personal preferences like taste.

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Custom Fit Insoles

Using an award-winning foot capture app on your smartphone, Wiivv digitally maps your feet to take exact foot measurements, creating a personalized, 3D-printed insoles. Ready to slip into any standard shoe, the tailored insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue.

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$500 Gift Card

Lululemon was founded in Vancouver and although their first love is Yoga, they also make amazing gear for running, training, and pretty much every other way you like to sweat. You can find Lululemon stores all around the world. Their products are designed to create transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy, fun lives.

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Full Kit

Hexoskin Smart Shirts are a comfortable new way to monitor precise cardiac, respiratory, activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions. The starter package includes a Hexoskin smart shirt, a bluetooth recording device and USB charging cable. See your data beautifully displayed in the dashboard of the Hexoskin app to track and analyze your performance.

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Run Sensor & Clip - 2 Pack

The Lumo Run is the first wearable sensor & app that acts as a portable running coach by analyzing your running form and offering real-time audio coaching to help you meet your goals. Simply clip your Lumo Run sensor onto the back of your running shorts, aligned to your spine and get a full analysis of your cadence, breaking, bounce, pelvic rotation and pelvic drop. Run faster, farther and safer.

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  • Fitbit
  • Quantum Coffee
  • 23andme
  • Wiivv
  • Lululemon
  • OM Signal
  • Hexoskin
  • Lumo

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