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ecobee4 Thermostat

The ecobee4 comes with a room sensor to help manage hot or cold spots. With smart sensors in your favourite rooms in your home, ecobee4 can read the temperature and detect occupancy. That's how it ensures comfort in the rooms that matter. And it comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Service built inside and can perform the many 'skills' that come with Alexa. All you have to do is ask.

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Room Sensors 2 Pack

Because most thermostats read the temperature in one place, this can make other rooms uncomfortable. ecobee thermostats can pair with room sensors to deliver the preferred temperature to the rooms that matter. That's how they help manage pesky hot or cold spots, and provide your family with whole home comfort.

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Free Netflix for a year

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 117 million members enjoying more than 140 million hours of viewing per day. This gift card grants you premium synchronized service on four devices in HD and UHD when available.

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Roomba® 960

We think the luxury of a automonous vaccuum is highly underratted, especially this one which seamlessly navigates an entire level of your home, keeping track of its location and recharging as needed until the job is done. The iRobot Roomba® 960 vacuum uses 5X the air power for a deeper clean, which leaves a lot more time to take advantage of that Netflix subscription

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Echo Plus

Sometimes you just need to play a song, update your shopping list and order a pizza, all without getting up or using your phone. Amazon's Echo Plus can do that, connected to Alexa, the smartest virtual assistant going. It also acts as a smart home hub for all your devices, blending seamlessly with the connected world.

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Video Doorbell Pro

Start building the smart home of your dreams with Ring, a smart camera that can give you a view into who's at the front door. It even sports a built-in speaker, so you can see, chat and hear anyone on your property.

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The Joule is a sous vide masterpiece, letting pros and novices alike heat water to the perfect temperature and cook just about anthing in an exact and delicious fashion. Warning: this product may lead to an increase in uninvited dinner guests.

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Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Phillips knows there's nothing worse than an abrupt wakeup. The Wake-Up Light gradually fills a room with an artifical sunrise, helping the body adapt and rise feeling refreshed. With this, there may never be a wrong side of the bed again.

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Tile Slim 4-Pack

Losing your things is so 2000s. Tile is a small, well, tile that can be placed on a car, bike, bag, phone, or anything, and it tracks that object so it never gets misplaced again. Small, compact and durable, this bluetooth tracker is a must-have for travellers and forgetters alike.

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Grand X View 2 tablet

Tablets have become a fixture in many homes, so why not have one of the best? ZTE's Grand X View 2 sports an 8" HD screen with a long-lasting battery and a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. Play games, browse through photos, finsih up work and more on this cutting-edge tablet.

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Quantum Coffee Pourover Kit

This Quantum Coffee giftpack will perk you right up. The included Chemex Ottomatic will have you saying "But first, coffee" before everything you do. As one of the best coffee brewing options in the world, Chemex combines beauty and science into a caffenated work of art. And why not some filters, a bag of great coffee, and a $100 Quantum Coffee giftcard to go along with it?

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